Hi my name is Josh, and my story with God begins since I was 16 years old, at a time of confusion, at the moment where my heart needed to be filled with love, peace and happiness.
My life was having a lot of changes, many people had hurt me. A Sunday 22 November 2009, a friend invited me to his church, every year they have a special day to invite a friend and to spend a day as a family, that day I decided to sit in the last seat of the church, I watching people worship God, singing and crying, and I could not understand why they could be crying and the same time be happy.

Every time I cried was not for something good, I could understand that. Elvis is a young leader who was in that church that morning, God told Elvis that I needed to be guided on the right path to Jesus. Elvis sat next to me and ask me. You would like to worship God with your heart? At that time I told God I wanted to be free and to mourn not of sadness or anger, but to mourn for love and happiness. That day I Accept God in my heart.

My Ministerial story began on January 3 of 2012. after 2 years of waiting, God allowed me to be part of the program, Last Harvest Castillo del Rey, to train as one missionary for two years.

For a long time I asked God if He had a specific country for me. and every time God answered me, your place is where people need to know who I am.
But everyone needs to know who You are, was my answer.

I met the Missionary Mike Brown and his family in 2015, I had the opportunity to travel with him to Nicaragua, and to build the first Elite obstacle course . I was excited to be part of this journey, and God spoke to my life about being part of this ministry.

During our last day in Nicaragua, I was praying for Mike and said: I wanted to be part of what God is doing THROUGH your ministry.

Elite for me is the opportunity to know Christ and that other people can know Christ too. I’m not the strongest person in this world, but when I look at the sky, I remember that my strength comes from God, and that’s all I need.

Today, I am a missionary in Nicaragua, working with Elite, every day I see God’s hand moving over our lives, God allowed me to visit different cities and see the growth of each young person to state in our camps Elite.

I know God has more things for this nation, and together we will make history.

Josh M Cg SP

E.L.I.T.E. teams is in Nicaragua!!!

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Excited to announce the next opportunity for E.L.I.T.E. teams ministry.
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