El Salvador

Why do we call the program ELITE. Living to encourage everyday is a walk and sometimes even a struggle. We struggle with always seeing the negative in people and very seldom see the good, the strength and the ability to overcome obstacles. If we directed the spotlight on there abilities, strengths and integrity and not there inabilities. Then they will grow do desire the positive reinforcement and do whatever it takes to receive it. They will even change there lifestyle in order to receive loving encouragement. We fight for answers as to why? Why is the world the way it is?

Why do people do what they do? The number 1 reason is the lack of mentorship. Lack of leadership and lack of positive reinforcement. What makes you ELITE is your ability to see positive in a situation and exploit it. Not remaining silent. Using it to breathe life. Have you ever seen a beautiful plant grow from lack of attention, from lack of care?

You must invest in the growth of that plant in order for it to reach its full potential. You must take time out of your day to work and continue everyday thereafter. The result is a beautiful plant that people notice and then in turn wonder how it got that way. Opening up an opportunity to minister or even mentor. However. If left unattended the world will rob them of there beauty and choke them out. Without help,they will die. We have been given an opportunity to be the help in the lives of the next generation . To invest in the growth of our young men and women.