Elite In Brazil 2017


Bryan Garcia with his family Lesly & Grace who are missionaries to Brazil.

Everything started when I was nine years old after that I accepted Jesus in a Kings Castle Program at my school since then nothing was the same for me. My aunt took my sister and I to her church an a Missionary came in to the church and on a night service she shared all the things that she was doing in Africa , by the time of the altar prayer the pastor said that if someone in the church wanted to be a missionary or serve the lord one day come to the altar we will pray for you , so I did it .

Then in 2005 God touched my heart at the high school in a Christian service after several things that happened in my life and family ,I was 17 , Kings Castle team came to my school and they promoted a missions trip to Nicaragua , I accepted the challenged to go during the vacations in 2005 so a group of 12 students went in to that trip.

After this journey in Nicaragua God called me to prepare and get ready for the ministry , in 2006 January the second I left home to Joined Masters Commission in EL Salvador .

I went through the process of three years of discipleship , missions trip and a lot of things , but during my second year God told me that I has been called out to recruit , equip and send people.

God spoke in to my life through this verse Ezequiel 22:30
¨I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it , but I found no one.

This verses that you just read encourage me and my family to stand in the gap and look for this people that they have a call to a ministry but they are afraid about doing it , they don’t know how to start , we will go for this people we will help then out to equip then with the resources to start building Gods dream.

Since 2009 till 2013 I was part of associated pastors in Masters Commission we went through the process as leader too to learn how to run this program and that is what we are going to be doing in Brazil that is the country that God has placed in our heart , and ELITE discipleship its one of the resources that we are taking to Brazil to help the people over there to go through this and be more grounded in their dreams and call , I went through this in Nicaragua and I am not the same I was afraid to do so many things , to raised funds , to look for people that want to serve Christ , but after this ELITE journey God told me that with him everything is possible and when I am week I am strong .

So we will go and we are going to rise up the next generation that will change the world .